In Tustin, California, where can you sleep in your automobile? While it’s not ideal to spend the night in your car, this sometimes happens as a result of travel restrictions or other issues. This post will go through the legality of sleeping in one’s car and where it is allowed to do so, as well as how to rest safely

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All About Tustin, California

Tustin was first incorporated in 1927. It is a city with a long history, much of which can still be seen in the historic Old Town area with its ancient structures, some dating back to the 1880s, which are located on Main Street and El Camino Real.

Tustin, located in central Orange County between Irvine and Santa Ana among green hills with panoramic views of the Saddleback Mountains and Pacific Coast, is known as “the city of trees.” The area was formerly covered in citrus groves, and one of the last ones has been preserved at Citrus Ranch Park.

Points of Interest:

  • The Market Place
  • The District
  • Tustin Area Museum
  • Marconi Automotive Museum
  • Old Town Tustin
  • Tustin Ranch Golf Course
marconi automotive museum tustin

Is It Illegal To Sleep in a Car?

Tustin prohibits sleeping in any vehicle on city property between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m., with the exception of trailers or campsites that the city has authorized.

Where To Sleep in Your Car?

Spaces belonging to the general public are primarily out, but some alternatives exist. There are several free campsites located in and around Tustin, California, and other facilities that are friendly to people sleeping overnight in their cars. 

RV’s and Campgrounds near Tustin

Parque Santiago RV Park

Parque Santiago Mobile Home Park welcomes short-term visitors to the region and is a long-term RV park for people who wish to settle here. The park’s lovely, well-kept lots provide solitude and protection. Our RV sites are a full 8 feet wide and 29 to 40 feet long, capable of housing the most powerful RVs.

This site also features full utilities and telephone hookups with well-maintained grounds.

Parque Santiago RV Park Details

Orangeland RV Park

The park was created on an orange orchard in 1972, and it is still owned by the same family.

The amenities at this RV Park include: Premium Pull-Thrus, a large heated swimming pool and spa, free Wi-fi, cable TV, full hookups, and a central Southern California location.

The park sites are well-maintained, the interior roads are in excellent condition, and there is internet access. The recently rebuilt swimming pool is substantial, blue, and refreshing.

Orangeland RV Park Details

Ponderosa Mobile Home and RV Park

This is a very quiet RV park where you can stay for a minimal fee with amenities that include showers, bathrooms, and allow pets. There is also the convenience of many restaurants and attractions in the nearby areas.

Ponderosa Mobile Home and RV Park Details

Additional places that you can stealth camp without being bothered.

  • Churches
  • Casinos
  • Hospitals
  • Private businesses
  • Wal-Mart parking lots
  • 24-hour gyms

How To Sleep in Your Car Safely

Do not, under any circumstances, sleep in your car while the engine is running. The main worry is that air will be recirculated, and it’s all too easy to succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning as the fumes are undetectable by smell.

Nights in Tustin can be balmy, so you may want to turn on the air conditioning. However, it’s better financially and for the environment, if you don’t. Look for a shady spot to park your car instead, and keep the windows open a bit to let in some fresh night air.

Always be sure to park your car in a secure spot with the parking brake on. This will now allow for the car to slide anywhere.

Check your surroundings. Keeping an eye out might not be a bad idea. Keep the doors locked and the windows rolled up unless you need slight ventilation to avoid any break-ins.

Things You Need To Sleep in Your Car

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Plenty of water and snacks
  • Sheets to cover windows for extra shade and darkness
  • Earplugs
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad
  • Face mask
  • Extra clothes
  • Portable charger for electronic devices


Before you hit the road for an extended period of time or need to find a spot to sleep, double-check your list of “must have” items to ensure your most comfortable stay.

Beware of the city’s laws and respect others around you.

You will be enjoying these campgrounds and RV park’s in no time!

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